Top Seven Expectations CEO’s Demand of Their CMO’s Today

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When top organizations look for CMO’s, there are a number of expectations that go along with fulfilling this role. The CMO should be ready to lead change, and help promote a visible brand to both internal and external stakeholders. With those criteria in place, these are the top expectations CEO’s demand of their CMO’s today:


  • Innovation


Although CMO’s are focused on marketing, they must also be innovators in every way. The CMO must fuel growth, with an innate ability to capture trends and make them a viable part of the organizational brand. The CMO’s job is to know what the customer base wants before they know they want it, and act on that leveraging power for conversions.


  • Technologically Savvy


Today’s CMO’s must know and love technology. They must have a pulse on what’s working and how to engage customers. They must know social media platforms like the back of their hand – which ones work for the different brands and why. They must also know how to spin negative publicity into something that will become a positive change for customer perception. They must be open to exploring new channels, and employ the right people in roles that will play into the bigger marketing strategy for results.


  • Data-Driven and Research-Oriented


If there’s one thing a CMO must be, it’s research-oriented. Research, research, and research again to find out what customers want and need. The CMO must be able to effectively capture data and use it to provide measurable results. They must also use this data to be forward-thinking in strategies and implementation every step of the way.


  • Consumer Centric


Today’s CMO must be consumer centric. They must know the consumer journey, be able to adapt that journey at a moment’s notice, and motivate the internal organization to do the same. They must be able to construct brand personas that describe the company’s customers, and have a strong team that can segment processes and campaigns to be most effective.


  • Motivator


The CMO must be a motivator across all levels of the organization. They should be able to rally the troops and get buy-in from every department when it counts. The CMO should have a high emphasis on cross-training to ensure everyone is on the same page, clearly understands the vision, and is able to carry out that vision according to the goals and objectives of the entire organization.


  • Financial Strategist


For every campaign and digital marketing strategy, the CMO must be able to attach a dollar value to it. CMOs must be able to justify every expense and demonstrate how those expenses will turn into revenue. The CEO expects the CMO to be lean and efficient, demonstrating how the company can acquire customers, retain those customers and offer new, innovative products for them to share with others. The law of the land for the CMO is ROI – if they can deliver, they have won half the battle.


  • Strategic Thinker


Today’s CMO sits at the management table along with the CEO, COO, CFO and CIO. Their role is to be strategic and identify ways to keep making money with the least number of expenditures. They are also responsible for brand building, crisis communications, public relations and every other aspect of keeping the company in the black. They must be effective communicators, with a knack for getting the management team on board with their ideas and vision. The CMO must be able to tell a story and paint a picture of success – the CEO won’t have it any other way.

These are seven things CEOs look for from their CMOs in today’s business environment. This role has evolved from primarily designing campaigns for look and feel into providing insight into customer experience, being a change agent, and the keeper of the overall organizational model. They have a profound impact on the business, and have the ability to turn negatives into positives quickly and efficiently. A CEO recognizes the level of expertise a CMO has and relies on them to help take the company into the future.


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