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  • Technology Powers Marketing
  • Analytics Measure with Impact
  • Insights Drive Compelling Creative and Strategy
  • Programmatic Advertising Optimizes Ad Spend

Data amplifies your results unlike anything you’ve ever seen thru customer knowledge, learning and insights.

Accelerated Digital’s Programmatic InCite Platform enables the efficient purchase of highly targeted impressions on multiple real-time bidding exchanges.

Using Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform marketers can:

  • Create custom audiences with pinpoint accuracy
  • Optimize audiences in real-time for maximum campaign effectiveness
  • Know who is engaged and why
  • Understand what customers need
  • See what influences buying
  • Get better audience and keyword segmentation
  • Increase conversion rate forecasting
  • Attain higher conversion rates
  • Gain tactics to improve results
  • Have more quantitative and qualitative customer insights
  • Increase mobile response rates
  • Improve lift in ROI from targeted campaigns
  • Increase purchase intent
  • Protect, centralize and leverage data points
  • Expand audiences instantly with precision at scale
  • Understand audience behavior with fundamental insights
  • Increase in-store sales
  • Create end-to-end customer experiences
  • Have more effective ad spend
  • Gain online and offline closed loop analysis
  • Increase net conversions
  • Access DSP for online advertising
  • Use a DMP for marketing optimization
  • Improve data-driven analytics
  • Get greater CMO Intelligence
  • Acquire comprehensive business intelligence
  • Get granular media intelligence
  • Gain access to competitor intelligence
  • Capture micro-moments

Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform enables marketers to target, optimize and report on display campaigns–increasing accuracy and eliminating waste. Reach new levels of CPA, CTR and CPC performance by leveraging granular level optimization on your direct response and branding campaigns. Gain deeper audience insights into your prospects.


Maximize the value of your inventory by pairing it with intent-based data and detailed contextual analysis. Maintain control across all your sales channels.

Easily collect, integrate and manage your 1st party and 3rd party data.


Accelerated Digital InCite Platform ignites growth results unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Openness is at the technical and philosophical core of Accelerated Digital. The Accelerated Digital InCite Platform is a flexible technology stack with open APIs that make it easy to integrate and extend functionality. We know you face complex choices and challenges to bring together the right mix of solutions. We assemble all third-party tools, inventory, data and service providers that you need to deliver a seamless consumer experience, maximize performance and revenues. Best of all, we make programmatic marketing easy by providing a single point of access for all your marketing vendor relationships right from the Accelerated Digital InCite Platform.

Accelerated Digital’s statisticians, business analysts, data scientists, digital marketing strategists and services teams work in close collaboration with customers to deliver innovative and advanced enterprise solutions. From systems integration, strategic consulting and custom research to programmatic creative optimization and omnichannel attribution, our experts are dedicated to helping enterprises like yours transform marketing to deliver better results in a digital, data-driven world.


Accelerated Digital helps you market more intelligently by answering tough questions:

  • Who are our most profitable customers?
  • How does their response differ by product, channel and messaging?
  • Is our marketing finding new customers efficiently and where can we find more just like them?



The platform’s automated learning system evaluates millions of ad impressions, identifying high-performing combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative, to find and engage the best prospects. Our algorithms conduct millions of decisions every second to lower media costs while improving outcomes.

Plus, Accelerated Digital delivers critical intelligence on consumer trends, that influences strategic decisions. We turn insights into actions and improve return on marketing investments.

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE CURVE AHEAD WITH THE Accelerated Digital InCite Platform




Access leading RTB exchanges and publishers, and reach billions of impressions per month, all with the efficiency of programmatic buying.


Accelerated Digital provides a unified marketplace to buy video in any format across devices. Access massive real-time reach through the industry leading marketplaces for video or tap into our display partners for in banner and expandable inventory. Layer on data, surveys or verification to optimize brand performance in real-time. Video gives you sight, sound and motion to create consumer experiences that build strong emotional commitments. The Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™ provides a unified marketplace to buy video in all formats, for all devices. Expand your reach through industry-leading marketplaces, bringing you billions of RTB impressions per month and growing every day.


Take your brand to your customers – wherever they go. From smartphones to tablets, Accelerated Digital gives you access to the leading RTB mobile exchanges, offering over 45 billion monthly impressions across all devices.

3rd Party Data

Leverage our data partners for precision targeting in your display, video and mobile campaigns. Or use your own CRM data for a tailored messaging approach.

Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance and brand safe advertising are top priorities for Accelerated Digital. Accelerated Digital’s partners make it easy to comply with privacy law and self-regulatory “Ad Choices” programs.

Ad Verification

Transparency and accountability are crucial to successful digital marketing. Through our verification partners, Accelerated Digital attests the correct placement and display of every single impression of a verified online advertising campaign.

Rich Media

Rich media can go beyond traditional CPA and CPR campaigns; Accelerated Digital’s customers have used our partners to drive awareness, brand engagement, video views, downloads, “shares” and “likes.” Access 35 billion expandable ad impressions per month with our rich media partners.

Survey Vendors

Measuring digital online brand advertising effectiveness is a challenge. Using our network of partners, you can leverage brand-centric metrics, including awareness, favorability, message recall and purchase intent, to optimize your brand campaigns.





It’s time to rip up the agency model and let technology power your marketing. CMO’s are increasingly seeking alternative marketing models that allow them to shift from the existing agency model.

Micro-Moments are the New Battleground for Brands. You need to perform like lightening. Ad agencies can’t track your micro-moments….

Agencies can’t provide an end-to-end solution from the time they touch the enterprise to the purchase to call centers to delivery to dissatisfaction to loyalty and stewardship through rewards.

Agencies can’t engage with customers on a personal level like you can, nor do they want to or are incentivized to.

The customer journey is fractured. Enterprises are typically out of touch with their customer’s pain and pleasure points. The intersection of where expectations are not achieved and opportunities are revealed to exceed customer’s expectations.

The reason is because the customer path contains multiple channels where customers expect marketers to remember their presences, anticipate their needs, connect with their customers in problem times and reach out to them in personal and relevant ways.

Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere.

In those moments, consumers EXPECT brands to address their needs with real-time relevance.

Today, you have to EARN the customer’s consideration and action, moment after moment.

Micro-moments are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.

People are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand.

Be There. You’ve got to anticipate the micro-moments for users in your enterprise and then commit to being there to help when those moments occur.

Be Useful. You’ve got to be relevant to consumers’ needs in the moment and connect people to the answers they’re looking for.

Be Quick. They’re called micro-moments for a reason. Mobile users want to know, go and buy swiftly. Your mobile experience has to be fast and frictionless.

If you want to win the hearts and minds (and DOLLARS) of consumers in their I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want to-do and I-want-to-buy moments, you’ll need to do more than just show up.

You need to be useful and meet their needs in those moments. That means connecting people to what they’re looking for in real time and providing relevant information when they need it.

With mobile, doing so is both more critical and more achievable than ever. With mobile, we’re able to add a rich understanding of context to consumers underlying intent.

Context provides critical insights into consumer behavior and therefore powerful clues for how you can be most relevant and useful for people in their moments of need.

The consequences of not being useful are serious too. Without value, consumers will not only move on in the moment, they actually might not ever come back.

Your customer should be empowered to purchase in whatever way suits their needs, whether in-store, on mobile, via call center or across devices.

Micro-moments aren’t a performance thing and they’re not a brand thing. They’re not even just a digital thing. They’re a consumer thing and that makes them everyone’s job.

To create closer collaboration, you need to rethink how your teams are organized, where they sit and how they interact. To improve marketing in today’s mobile world, you have to nix the silos and unite incentives. This will make measuring the whole consumer journey much easier.

Are you ready to connect the dots?

Are you measuring your success in digital by clicks and sessions or for the real-time bottom line profits?

Are you accounting for all types of mobile driven conversions, including those that happen in your store, app and call center?

Does your company have a digital team, a call center team, a brand team and local and store merchandising teams?

Do they all have different incentives?

Do your teams talk to each other about both goals and results?

What can your organization do to break down silos and keep them talking?

Technology builds customer relationships, improves loyalty, identifies the pain points thru the customer journey.

Our technology coordinates all disconnected data sources and channels and identifies the data needed to map customer journeys and delivers the best customer experiences.

Accelerated Digital has developed a unique approach that combines capabilities from services to software, offering an end-to-end solution.

We are passionate about harnessing innovation and tackling complex issues. New technologies will transform your current marketing practices with powerful machine learning.

Accelerated Digital is a professional services company providing a broad range of services and solutions in programmatic marketing, strategy, digital, technology and consulting.  We provide the insights and know-how to transform your company while provide you with the capabilities to do it.

Change is Good. Transformation is Even Better.

The digital disruption is transforming enterprises. An organization can make due with incremental change, at least for a while, but transforming means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your business.

New research finds that most brands are falling short and customer expectations are outpacing experiences. Just-in-time marketing brings greater flexibility, responsiveness and quality to organizations.

It is critical to start with a partner who understands the intersection of business and technology. Accelerated Digital offers complete, end-to-end technology solutions that enables leading brands to delight their customers and drive superior marketing performance across the full multichannel customer experience.

The Accelerated Digital Incite’s Platform™ delivers insight-driven marketing at scale to helps organizations improve performance. The capabilities range from accessing and reporting on big data to advanced mathematical modeling, forecasting and sophisticated statistical analysis.

We provide you with a marketing insights dashboard. Our dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve your objectives. Your information is consolidated and arranged on a single screen so your most important information can be monitored at a glance. The dashboard effectively communicates your data visually in real-time.

The dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth view of the conversion funnel to help inform marketing decision makers and campaign spend, to track marketing metrics from multiple sources and regain control of your media dollars. Marketing leaders can position targeted micro-moment marketing throughout the customer journey, geotarget and lure customers from competitors, track customized goals, acquisitions and more.

By displaying this information on a Performance Marketing CMO Dashboard it enables you to provide executives with the ability to monitor daily performance, to influence campaigns as they are executed, rather than provide a campaign summary when it is too late to influence the outcome. It allows marketers to track metrics across channels, bring all your siloed marketing data together, report on numbers you care about, create custom metrics, set unique campaign goals, market to and lure customers geographically, and connect micro-moments for a progressive end-to-end customer journey.

The Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™ delivers the power and flexibility of a service that clients can “plug into,” scale fast, pay for what they use and achieve the business outcomes they need to compete.

Our strategy is redefining competitiveness, advanced customer strategy, technology, digital and talent strategies to unleash the potential of your talent and your business.

We are a performance partner with deep expertise in the internal challenges of the marketing technologies available to enterprises today.

Accelerated Digital provides a transition model to suit the evolution that enterprises are making today.

We make the transition easy.

We empower you with technology software and a dashboard. We assist organizations in the evolutionary process of bringing marketing, data and technology in-house. Transitioning from fully managed services to advisory services then a self-service model, Accelerated Digital is your performance partner from start to finish.

Managed Services:

Today’s digital pace setters are leveraging digital technology capabilities to enable new business models and create new revenue opportunities. CMO’s are seeing more personalized solutions as a service that are more flexible, scalable, adaptable and that align with their unique requirements of improving customer experience and allows them to set up a full infrastructure for data and digital ad buys in-house.

A managed service helps you augment your marketing services by providing an always-on delivery model to your customers. We help you define the initiatives and priorities that will help you to deliver on your marketing vision. It accelerates the realization of value from the opportunities provided by digital, social, mobile and internal consumer data.

Managed marketing services enables you to deliver comprehensive, enterprise marketing management capabilities to your organization.

Accelerated Digital will manage your entire marketing process for 12 – 18 months as we advise you through the transition to a fully self-serve model.

Advisory Services:

In the transition, advisory services will help you manage the change with peace of mind. Accelerated Digital will work with you to ensure optimal marketing outcomes. We train you on setting up and managing campaigns, guiding you through the process. We’ll ensure that how you do business is easily facilitated by our platform and tailor our education to fit your business needs.

We provide guidance, quality assurance, and monitoring that helps you get the most out of the platform.

We teach you how to accelerate digital and technology impact to reimagine your business and embrace the right mindset and technologies to transform how you win.

We enable you to create unique customer experiences and engage with your customers through connected experiences and interactions that grow your brand. We will help you move at the speed of your customers and stay ahead of them with relevant messages.

We assist you in unlocking the data possibilities to help you make better and faster decisions to expand your perspective with trustable and actionable data-driven insights for extraordinary results. We’ll teach you how to transform data into a powerful strategic tool. We’ll enable you to embed data and analytics into every part of your business for quicker and more impactful decisions.

We’ll focus your organization to align the ad buy costs with business strategy in order to fuel profitable growth.

We will help you grow and create a competitive advantage that stimulates innovation. We help you innovate and lead the frontier of the digital world. We’ll help you uncover and build on opportunities that build on lasting customer value. We teach you game-changing initiatives to be quicker to market than your competition.

We will teach you on how to focus on optimizing campaign performance so that you can look around the corner and be prepared for any scenario to derive value from a transaction. We will assist you in shaping transformational micro-moment strategies to cap value.

We will assist you in aligning talent with your strategy to win. This will advance your approach to human capital propelling your business forward. We will make sure the right people with the right capabilities are in the right positions so they can directly impact your growth.  We help reset your organization for a talent-led breakthrough by leveraging technology, analytics and deep insights.


Self-Service Platform:

Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™ seamlessly integrates a dashboard that powers the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey by leveraging key data, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions.  It also makes it easier to create meaningful customer experience across applications, devices and time, accelerating today’s results and tomorrow’s ambitions.

The power of the dashboard allows you to:

  • Personalize multichannel automated interactions
  • Market in a relevant way in real-time
  • Deliver highly personalized experiences through all channels
  • Capture more behaviors from more sources
  • Control and manage ad buying power at scale
  • Test and transition ads in different markets, demographics and locations
  • Be more powerful in targeting, buying and execution
  • Gain access to every programmatic impression there is
  • Leverage those behaviors to create highly personalized interactions at scale
  • Seamlessly integrate best-in-breed solutions

No tech skills required… Really.

Learn More, Achieve More with InCite

97% Access of Verified Global Inventory
110B bid Requests Daily
<10MS Response Time / Ad Opportunity
2000+ Data Points Evaluated in Real Time / Ad Opportunity
3400% Increase in Mobile Response Rate
>25% Lift in ROI from Targeted Campaigns
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