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Precision Targeting and Intelligent Buying for Maximum Impact.

Marketing officers are becoming increasingly data driven to reach their goals. Marketers get full control with Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform to plan, buy, optimize and track campaigns across devices, channels and across the globe. With access to how brands define success online, our brands are seeing higher performance and returns than any other media.

Simplify success.

Brands are looking to increase click-throughs, engagements, mobile conversions, sign-ups, purchases and regardless of your metric of success, programmatic is driving it. The data and insights from the campaigns allow marketers to learn continuously and optimize from millions of variables in milliseconds.

Make Every Micro-Moment Matter

Brand experiences are the sum total of good and bad micro-moments for customers.

From CMO’s to brand strategists and creative directors, entire marketing departments must be placing a big priority on capturing the attention of small customer experiences, we call these micro-moments. Today enterprises are competing for the attention, loyalty and dollars of the consumers that are “always on.” Intent-driven moments to shape and personalize experiences throughout the customer journey.

91% of smartphone users look up information when in the middle of a task.

Consumers are more connected than ever which means they are using their phones for research, local shopping, activities and buying moments that equate to opportunities for brands to interact with today’s consumers.

Micro-moments help consumers learn, do, discover, go, watch or buy.

They are intent-rich moments where brands learn how to influence consumers with the right creative and messaging to shape consumer preferences.

69% of online consumers believe that quality, timing and relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand.

With a greater understanding of your customer and how they are reacting to different messages, today’s enterprises are capitalizing on the small moments of engagement that provide big returns. Accelerated Digital helps brands successfully create a strategy and understand how to execute on meeting their customers’ needs throughout these influential micro-moments.

Immediacy and relevance trump loyalty.

With the Accelerated Digital InCite Platform brands can learn, adapt and create relevancy and loyalty to today’s consumers. By recognizing each micro-moment that consumers have with your brand and adding value at each micro-moment, brands can then connect the dots between people, processes and their revenue.

82% of consumers check their phone while deciding what product to buy in a store.

Insights gleaned from micro-moments provide patterns and trends that your organization can leverage. Learn how to connect people from the call center to delivery, the support page to social media and beyond. New ways to meet and exceed customer expectations through technology, customized content and ultimately engagement, enables brands to implement new strategic methodologies.

Dynamic Dashboards.

With Accelerated Digital’s InCitedigital dashboard brands can see what is performing in real-time. Visit your dashboard to view your campaign and know whether your campaigns are succeeding or how they have automatically adjusted to provide marketing intelligence for your next campaign.

Enhanced Ad Targeting.

Accelerated Digital provides the full spectrum of capabilities to maximize messaging impact from ad serving dynamic creative to location-based tactics, from brand safety to viewability and more. The Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform makes it intuitive to target specific audience by:

  • Prospecting
  • Third-Party Data
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Site Targeting
  • Dynamic Retargeting

Or Location-Based Tactics

  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • IP Targeting
  • Weather Initiated Delivery

Reallocating budgets, adjusting bids and driving more effective marketing to reach your campaigns objectives, our intelligent platform becomes marketing’s favorable avenue for superior ROI.

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