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Accelerated Digital streamlines and simplifies marketing data collection, connection and distribution across all channels and devices.

It is the foundation for achieving a unified view of your customer data.

Influence at Last

With Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform, your brand can see how each moment and each message plays an influential role in your customer journey. Understanding the consumer journey across devices throughout the sales cycle enables you to create more powerful messaging. That is influence…

Customize your messaging for different devices… different consumers… in different parts of their journey…

Collect feedback from your clients on their journey through the sales cycle and let technology provide insights to optimize your campaigns. From the desktop in the morning for news, laptop over coffee, phone for nearby results, to the tablet during a movie, Accelerated Digital technology can reveal what moment is best for your message.

Hyper-Personalization of Marketing

More insight into your audience enables you to focus on creating unique custom audience messaging from your insights. Drive a multitude of campaigns that are tailored to niche audience segments. With centralized data management your brand can increase engagement and conversion levels through messages that resonate with that customer.

Personalized marketing at scale.

Messaging evolves with your customer through their buying cycle. You can decide what creative to share with them at different stages of their decision-making process. Pay for performance when and where you want to engage with your customer, knowing they are far more likely to engage with you. Take back control of the sales cycle.

Protect Your Treasure Trove of Data

Your first-party data is only as valuable as your customers! First-party data provides you an opportunity to unleash data-driven marketing decisions to transform your enterprise…


Bring digital ad buying and data in house. We assist companies in realizing that their digital ad buys are their secret weapon and competitive edge. Enterprises are seeing substantial savings on their digital media spends with the Accelerated Digital InCite Platform.

It’s time to realize and leverage the wealth of revenue opportunities embedded in your data in this high-stakes digital world.

Save substantially on digital ad buys and increase revenue like never before. The power of in-house marketing technology is connecting every data source and controlling every touch point throughout the customer experience.

Protect your data and your revenue… Put your clients first… Don’t share your data… Protect your data like classified information… Don’t pay for unnecessary media markups.

With Accelerated Digital’s industry leading platform we put your clients first and ensure the safeguard of your data assets. We won’t pool your data with other clients and sell it back to you. Clients can be assured that while their personal data is being used to better cater to them, it is not being used to drive your competitor’s marketing.

Lock out your competitors once and for all.
Capitalize on reduced media markups.
Optimize your return on ad spend.

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