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Better understand your customers’ behaviors, intentions and actions to tailor your campaign creative to be more relevant and impactful. Historically marketers have used surveys, focus groups and recently browser data to gain a better understanding of who their consumer is and how they act on different devices.

Right message, right moment, right customer, right device.

Today marketers can go beyond buyer behavior and into the lives of today’s consumers. With the advanced digital ecosystem that fuels RevvvedUp, we provide our industry leaders with insights about their audience that transcend their buyer behavior. Across devices, across channels, we can gain invaluable information that enables your campaigns to better impact your next client.

  • Build fresh intelligence into your marketing activities by integrating audience insights to systems such as your CRM tool for online consumer targeting.
  • Measure the demographics of audiences you’re reaching to understand how effectively your media plan targets the ideal audience.
  • Discover new insights about consumer interactions across all devices and understand the user’s sequence of devices and messages that produce a lift in brand engagement or sales.
  • Test and verify high-level concepts to identify which are most effective in driving consumer action.


Complete Transparency

Capitalize on Knowing your Audience Best

With more insight comes more control. Refocusing your messaging and your creative from what you learn about your audience or their look-alikes is influential. Our industry leaders are transforming their departments and enterprises approach as they know more about their customer and how to best interact with them.

Tech brings people together.

With Accelerated Digital’s customizable dashboard, you can see pricing and performance data on each campaign element: every keyword, domain, creative, day part, demographic, or any other element in your campaign our powerful algorithms adjust accordingly to optimize for maximum results.

Line of Sight
  • Details — See exactly what you’re paying for down to the most granular level. Our algorithms adjust bid based on performance and recency for each, individual data element. Adjust the price of individual elements up or down instead of applying pricing changes to the entire group.
  • Location — See where your campaign is running at the domain level and how each domain performs.
  • Comparisons — Easily compare quantity and quality of actions to other digital marketing campaigns through completely transparent granular pricing and performance reports.


Your audience is telling you about themselves constantly
through their behaviors online, are you listening?

See More About your Audience

Multiple Audiences with Multiple Data Points

The technology platform that Accelerated Digital utilizes analyzes millions of data points, touchpoints, and interactions about your consumer. Data-driven display and mobile advertising, through the use of structured first and third-party data from Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™, enables marketers to create custom audiences based on individual data elements such as:

  • Demographics — Select from multiple demographic attributes such as age, gender, income and interests
  • Device — Target users by device such as desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Operating System — Target by operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows
  • Browser Type — Select browsers by type such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, down to the browser version
  • Geography — Target by geography down to a two-block radius, by DMA, state or country
  • Recency — Target by variable recency from instant to 30 days
  • Intent-Based Search Data — Build targeted keyword lists just like performance search marketing
  • Contextual Content — Target users by the category of contextual content on the page they’re viewing or specific keywords in context
  • Browsing Behavior — Target users based on past browsing behaviors such as domains visited
  • Your CRM Data — Bring you first-party data into RevvedUp InCite to target by any individual data element you own
  • Time — What is the best time to reach your consumer during the day, night, weekend or local weather


Maximize Performance at Scale

Optimize Marketing Reach to Look-Alike Audiences

Ideal prospects are never forgotten or ignored with today’s digital marketing technologies. Through Accelerated Digital, brands are reaching audiences that resemble their loyal audience but have slightly different behaviors. Look-alike audiences mirror many of the same important qualities that loyal company advocates exemplify.

Digital knows best.

We understand the exact data elements that led to successful conversions and replicate those factors to develop highly accurate look-alike models. Even reach people on your loyalist’s favorite websites. Through the analysis of these audiences, Accelerated Digital can present an influential message to a target that behaves congruently with the ideal target.

Furthering the marketing reach and increasing audience engagement, purchase and loyalty, programmatic marketing is expanding the market share and profits of industry leaders.

Strategically reach audiences that exhibit the behaviors and buying tendencies that your loyal consumers have. Contextual targeting is a revenue generator that crawls and categorizes over sites to enable the following unique capabilities:

Keyword Contextual:

Create your own contextual category by uploading keywords that define the pages where you want your ad to appear. Bid, report and optimize based on each keyword to achieve optimum performance.

Category Contextual:

Target ads on pages that fall into one or more of 300 contextual categories defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Gain visibility on how each contextual category is performing and optimize to CTR, CPC or CPA.

Combined Contextual:

Target specific pages that contain your selected keywords, and have been classified into one of your selected categories. Combination targeting works well for targeting keywords with multiple meanings.

Competitor Contextual:

Target consumers that have shown interest in your competitors brand that are similar to you in order to introduce your brand for consideration.

Brand Security:

Advertise on sites with content that only furthers your brand image. Choose a select set or industry of websites that you want to be found on.

Frequency Context:

Set the ideal number of times, sequence and an amount of time to show your creative to potential prospects to not overspend on uninterested consumers.

With more options to reach your audience across devices, platforms and devices Accelerated Digital is helping contenders become leaders in this digital jungle.
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