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This is where big data is brought to life.

The data management capabilities of Accelerated Digital unleashes the dormant possibilities in your data. Marketers now can identify, understand and engage with their consumers at all levels in a more compelling way.

Data Integration

Big Data Together for Bigger Solutions.

Manage the collection, standardization, storing and analyzation of consumer data across all formats and devices. Bring your first-party data, online or off, along with multiple sources of customer data and we will integrate them into our ecosystem to be cohesive. Consolidate data from various online and offline sources to classify it in ways that work with your personal marketing needs.

Import your existing first-party data and combine it with third-party data for an insightful look at your audience.

With millions of data points, statistics and more options of ways to gather insightful data you can better define your audience and other look-alike audiences for people-based marketing.

Gain a better understanding of your valuable consumers by integrating the following types of data:
WiFi WiFi Foot Traffic Foot Traffic Mobile Mobile Calendar Calendar Geotargeting Geotargeting Websites Websites
Shopping Shopping Media like YouTube Media like YouTube CRM Data CRM Data Private second party data Private second party data

A Deep Data Experience

Integration, not Interruption

With three devices and more IOT products per American consumer, we have more information about today’s consumer than ever before. From the browser to television, tablet to desktop, mobile and everything between your consumers are telling you about themselves.

Are you listening?

Your data is invaluable.

Protect and enhance your first-party data from all of your media outlets to better serve your clients. With more data, more insights and more control, you can focus back on the client and creative where you can engage them with messages that matter. Your data can expose what is truly meaningful to your consumers across devices, landscapes and demographics. Create campaigns that are specific to your audience to create a connection, loyalty and advocates for you.

The more complex the better.

With enterprise’s having data across their organization from a variety of departments including POS systems, call centers and support lines, eCommerce and online CRM systems to shipping and fulfillment, many departments are disconnected. Accelerated Digital helps enterprises simplify their processes by being able to leverage data across departments and use it to their full advantage, internally and externally. Departments can now access and leverage data easily across the organization to be more efficient and effective in their jobs. Just imagine what your pricing and analytics department could do if they had access to the feedback of your marketing and call center data. The possibility of opportunity is here.

A resurgence of the relevant and authentic through technology.

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