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Source the Ultimate Market Data for a True Competitive Edge.

Competitor Intelligence (CI) provides companies an ‘inside’ view of the market’s and their adversaries strategy and approach. Armed with this knowledge businesses are able to pivot and make wiser decisions when it comes to developing their marketing or operational strategies.

Knowledge is powerful.

Competitive Intelligence analysis is a method for continuously evaluating your industry to identify competitors, trends, patterns and other useful information while using the data to formulate strategic and tactical responses. Use CI analysis to track external developments systematically and proactively by using a number of analytics tools.

Explore the competitors’ financial performance, positioning, go-to-market approaches, services and offerings, client sales strategies, key wins, alliance relationships and more.


  • Incorporate external competitive and market forces into strategic planning
  • Generate strategically relevant insights from research and structured analysis
  • Enhance marketing, strategic planning, finance and operations
  • Conform to antitrust and trade secret laws, legal and ethical best practices and the client’s corporate code of behavior
  • Minimize decision risk and reduce uncertainty about external developments
  • Source and package market data from analysts and other sources for distribution to key stakeholders; including, scope, shape, size, trends and opportunity areas
  • Research and collate ‘fundamental truths’ in the economy to help local leadership determine key economic levers and develop a point of view
  • Gather competitive information from primary sources; including media coverage about key competitors; industry players, SWOT analysis and capability intelligence
  • Develop market analysis of traditional lines of business and emerging lines of business
  • Deepen and refine your expertise in the sources and subject matter (issues and trends) that are relevant
  • Forecasting market trends and modeling of data to size markets, etc.
  • Innovative research techniques, tap into open data and other data trails, using data munging and visualization software


  • Develop corporate or business unit strategies
  • Shape counter-competitive strategies against one or more competitors
  • Prepare a new product launch, new market entry, or other strategic move in the market
  • Benchmark other organizations
  • Anticipate and plan for future market opportunities and disruptions
  • Assess effectiveness of competitor’s market positioning and product messaging

Draw out implications of the research they do and tell a compelling, business-focused story about the data that is relevant to your business and clients.

Competitor insight studies are diverse and rich in the information they provide. These studies provide a comprehensive description of the competitive environment as well as detailed competitor profiles covering topics such as company characteristics, needs, views on supplier performance, investment plans, marketing strategies, financial data, expansion records and plans and much, much more.

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