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Harness Immediate Media Insights at Scale.

Marketing officers are becoming increasingly data driven to reach their goals. Marketers get full control with Accelerated Digital’s InCite Platform to plan, buy, optimize and track campaigns across devices, channels and across the globe. With access to how brands define a success online, our brands are seeing higher performance and returns than any other media.

Simplify success.

Brands are looking to increase click-throughs, engagements, sign-ups, and purchases while reducing cost per click, and CPM costs. Regardless of how you define the metric of success, programmatic is driving it. The data and insights from campaigns allows marketers to learn continuously and optimize from millions of variables in milliseconds.

Dynamic Dashboards.

With Accelerated Digital’s digital dashboard brands can see what is performing in real-time. Visit your dashboard to view dozens of your campaigns and know whether your campaigns are succeeding or how they have automatically adjusted to provide marketing intelligence for your next campaign.

Customized across your entire enterprise.

The dashboard and reports are able to be crafted for you and any other department to see in real-time. Have complete control over who sees what and give your team the power to make more insightful decisions from the comprehensive reports that the InCite Platform provides.

Enhanced Ad Targeting.

Accelerated Digital provides the full spectrum of capabilities to maximize messaging impact from ad serving, dynamic creative, to location-based tactics, from brand safety to viewability and more. The Accelerated Digital InCite Platform makes it intuitive to target specific audience by:

  • Prospecting
  • Third-Party Data
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Site Targeting
  • Dynamic Retargeting

Or Location-Based Tactics

  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • IP Targeting
  • Weather Initiated Delivery

Our intelligent platform becomes marketing departments favorable avenue for superior ROI by reallocating budgets, adjusting bids and driving more effective marketing to reach for your campaigns objectives.

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