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We Put People First, Through Technology.

As a programmatic marketing platform that learns through artificial intelligence at big data scale we bring marketers the most advanced solutions to reach their audience.

Artificial Intelligence. Real Results.


Accelerated Digital has a transformative approach, optimization algorithms, intuitive software and analytics available to marketers in a real-time integrated environment, representing the future of digital advertising.

Data Density

Gain a digital edge from your data; secured, leveraged and unleashed.

Integrating first party data into the Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™ allows us to create accurate, transparent and scaled audiences for marketers. Executing precise targeting and valuation to identify customers that are in the market for their products putting the power back in the marketer’s hands.

Data Rich to Data Driven.

First-party data is generated about actual customers from behavior, interests, actions and millions of data points tied to them from across the web and mobile. Our big data is actionable for marketers in connecting them to their next customer.

Moment Marketing

Dynamic Media Marketing which optimizes Performance, Awareness and lift across Channels

Accelerated Digital provides a leading real-time digital media advertising end to end platform for data and media management across online, mobile and video channels. This enables you to reach custom audiences at scale consistently with superior ROI.

Make each Moment Matter.

Our moment marketing is allowing marketers to share the most relevant, engaging and optimized content for that individual wherever they are in the funnel. Cater your message to devices, interest, region and more. Let the technology make the best decisions for you.

This allows our clients to use dynamic and decision intelligence for the highest media effectiveness, better operational efficiencies and unique customer insights.

Scalable Reach

Digitally Disruptive Performance

The infrastructure of our Accelerated Digital InCite Platform™  allows us to create accurate, transparent and scaled audiences for markets so we can continuously optimize campaigns for our brand’s goals. Faster, better, secure and technologically superior. Our brands are excited about the results.

From our server to yours.

Platforms differ in speed, complexity and power. Accelerated Digital works to continuously provide you the best in class technology to reach a global audience on a personal level. Access 2 billion impressions daily, bid in less than 10 milliseconds and reach 99% of all verified consumers on the web. Set the standards of your attribution, multiple campaigns and optimization goals for each and let the intuitive platform drive results.

We are a methodical solutions-based hunter in the digital jungle.

Cut through the Junk and Get Real Results

Revolutionary Reporting

Cybernated Data for Revolutionary Revenue

Insightful intelligence, combined with data being interpreted from both ends, the DMP and SSP. Accelerated Digital can provide world-class reporting to guide today’s marketing professionals. The insights distilled from our reporting assists marketers in refining strategies and creative for more compelling campaigns.

Get the whole pie, and eat it too.

Digital reporting enables enterprises to abstract information, insight and value from the interactions between the digital and physical world. Visualize and interpret more about how consumers are actually engaging with your brand to influence future marketing decisions. Refine and Accelerate.

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