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Instantaneous Feedback to Pivot and Adapt

Powerful and flexible analysis tools provide transparent insights into performance, media, audience, attribution and economics. This supports forecasting, profiling, data mining and new insights discovery.

Test in multiple markets before launching campaigns at scale.

With the Accelerated Digital Incite Platform marketers now have the ability to launch campaigns in certain locations or to a narrow niche of customer targets to test and decipher which campaign or location has the best performance. If one campaign has more lift than another, marketers can launch it on a national basis knowing with confidence it is going to outperform their other campaigns and optimize the media budget.

Get the Reports You Care About.

Dashboards and reports are customized for your campaigns, departments with ease through visualizations that are readable. Reports can be tailored to each department. Personalize or unite reports.

Real insights in real-time.

Get reports sent to any department on a schedule, a certain time following a campaign or run them ad-hoc to stay up to date on how your media dollars are performing.

With access to campaign performance, marketers are increasingly placing importance on managing and optimizing their own digital campaigns bypassing their agencies. Taking back full control of your media budget.


Intelligent Insights

Take action on insights that are exposed through your programmatic campaigns to surpass and optimize your marketing and revenue goals. Intelligence surfaced here assists an organization to formulate smarter decisions on their 30-second spots and other traditional marketing tactics.

Test. Report. Repeat.

Once you know more about your audiences, look-alike audiences and their behaviors you are able to make strategic decisions on what messages, creative and other powerful avenues are most profitable.

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